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Member Superlatives: Flexing, Twinning, Baking Cookies, and More!

Every week, we award superlatives to five members who rocked a campaign and sent a sweet pic to prove it. Here they are!

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of…Opportunity for Kids in Underserved Communities (Esmeralda, 17)

level playing field-female

Esmeralda is a team player both on and off the field. Knowing that 1 in 5 kids from underserved communities skip out on sports because they can’t afford the equipment, she donated seven sports items through our Level Playing Field competition.

“It’s important to me because giving back to the community is such a rewarding thing to do because you are given the chance to help others who are in need.” 

When it comes to giving, Esmeralda, you totally kick the ball out of the park!

101 Dalmatians Are Cute but 36 Cookies Are DELICIOUS (and Also Deserve a Movie) (Joshua, 18)

fight fire with cookies

Fighting fires is no easy feat. Everyday, over 1.1 million US firefighters keep our communities safe by putting themselves in dangerous situations — whether it’s ending forest fires, saving cats in trees, or rescuing people from burning buildings.

Thankfully we have people like Joshua who know that cookies can help solve any challenge. He baked 36 delicious cookies through our Fight Fire With Cookies campaign.

“My brother is a firefighter and I know how hard these guys work to keep their community safe. This is just a simple way to let them know that we care and support them.”

“Stacks on Stacks on Stacks (The Remix)” feat. Briana (Briana, 17)

SAT book donation

Every junior and senior knows the dread of studying for the SATs (ughhhhh). Many, however, don’t know that so many students, particularly from low-income communities, don’t even get the opportunity to study for the SATs — one of the gateways to most American colleges — because they can’t afford the textbooks.

Thankfully we have people like Briana who donate through our SAT Book Donation campaign. This year, she donated 9 test prep books (that’s a lot of knowledge!).

“I find importance in sharing my knowledge with others,” she says. “Every opportunity I get I spend on teaching someone in this world something NEW. SATs are coming up and I want to see every teen to succeed.”

These Twins May Drive Each Other Crazy…but They Also Drive Each Other to Safety (Chaden, 17)

thumb wars

Chaden knows firsthand the dangers of texting and driving — he was in in a car accident involving a driver who was distracted by his phone.

“My grandma, who was driving, was the only one who got seriously hurt,” Chaden says. “That was the moment I knew how important not to text and drive is to society.”

So Chaden and his twin brother participated in Thumb Wars, trying to mitigate the 46% of young people who drive distracted.

Way, to go Chaden! Or shall we say “Thumbs up, dude!”?!

The Guy Flexing His Muscles to Banish Sexism (Michael, 19)

pineapple pushups 2

If we had to venture to guess, Michael must have PINEAPPLE loads of energy and perseverance. This October, he went around his school and got everyone from the Boys and Girls Club to the Keystone Club to the basketball team to participate in our Pineapple Push-Ups campaign, making over 19 guys agree to do push-ups every time they said something sexist.

“For man and woman to be complete, they must each possess a balance of the energies,” Michael says.“True liberation is when you know you are free, not trapped in a situation where you feel weaker and are considered lower by the opposite sex.”

With his philosophic attitude and unyielding commitment toward ending hurtful comments towards women, we are pleased to call you a pineapple warrior, Michael!

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